Club Slam is our version of ''Clan wars''.

Clubs are matched in groups of 5 based on their Club League.
  • You will be able to play 4 Slam matches a day: 2 on hard courts, 1 on grass court and 1 on clay court.
  • Each character can play one daily match in one court. After completing the 4 matches, you can spend gems to retry the matches lost.
  • Your Club will face 4 other ones in each Slam during 4 days.
Beat them to earn prizes and climb the Leagues!

Players have a 24h since the beginning of a club slam cycle to join a club to be eligible for rewards.

Players will have 24h since the beginning of the Club Slam cycle to be able to contribute with SP to their Club, if someone joins a club after this they will be able to play the matches but won’t contribute any SP to the current cycle.

Also a player must participate and earn slam points to be eligible for rewards.

Scoring and competition

Playing Club Slam matches will rewards “Slam Points” to players. The amount of Slam Points a player gets from playing a match will depend on two factors:
  • A win will be awarded with double the Slam Points of a loss, Eg: 200 points for a win and 100 points for a loss.
  • The higher the Club League a Club is in, the more points its members will get from matches.

Players who lose matches will be able to purchase retries with gems, just like in the tournament.

After each Slam, the Clubs that earn the most points will be promoted to the next league, and the ones with the least points will be demoted.

Players who lose matches will be able to purchase retries with gems, like it is possible in tournaments. Also as in tournaments, each retry within the same day will be 4 times more expensive than the previous one. Players who purchase a retry will be able to choose one character to "reset", meaning they can be reused.

Regarding ties, the clubs that got to that amount of points first wins the tie.