It's possible to hit the ball with different intensities and styles! It's useful to understand how to achieve them and what effects you can create to the ball trajectory so you can use this to your advantage!


Regular Shot: The Regular Shot is the standard shot a character can hit the ball with. These require no special technique, so if you hit the ball normally, this is the shot you will use! Keep in mind a well placed shot, even at regular speed can be extremely effective!

Strong Shot: The Strong Shot is a fast-ball high-range shot. It can be quite hard for your opponent to catch.
It can be achieved by sliding your finger the faster at the exact moment your Player is about to hit the ball. Just watch out not to put too much strength and end up smashing your ball outside the limits of the court!
The slide does not necessary need to be long, it only needs to be fast.

You will get visual feedback about how strong the shot will actually be when a small bar pops up displaying the strength applied to the ball.


Volley: A volley hit is made in the air before the ball bounces!

Straight: Straight shots are usually medium to high-range shots. These are achieved by swiping your finger for a long period.

Lob: A Lob in Tennis is achieved by hitting the ball high and deep into the opponent's court. It can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon depending on the situation. It can be achieved by touching the screen and holding it in place while stretching the visual feedback!