Leagues are seasonal rankings that can give you special perks that greatly improve how many cards you earn in each bag.

It lasts for a week and you can check the countdown for the next season reset by tapping on your League Badge* on the home screen. On the "My League" screen, the countdown will be located right below your current Division banner.

*The League Badge is the icon located right below your Sponsor Bags in the main screen.

How can I rank up the League Divisions?

You can climb up the divisions by, earning coins, that means, winning matches!
Leagues take into consideration the total coin amount earned after the last season reset.

How many Divisions are there?

To check all Divisions and each Division perk, simply tap on the "View All Divisions" button located inside your current Division banner, on "My League" screen.
You will notice there are currently:
  • Beginner
  • Rookie I, II and III
  • Junior I, II and III
  • Challenger I, II and III
  • Master I and II
  • Grand Slam
Each level gives you a higher percentage of cards that are released when you open a bag.

To read more about it the League Divisions and it's perks, check out this article!