To see your Friends List, just tap on the Social tab on the bottom bar, then tap on "Friends". The Friends List will display the relative ranking position of each friend in a section named "Leaderboard".

Tapping on a friend's profile picture will open a pop-up with their Profile, where you can see their Lineup, League, Career Overview, and if you have the same cards they have it is possible to copy their deck!

You can play friendly matches against friends by checking their profile Names and Status.
Each player will display a status such as Offline, Online, In a Match. When a friend is Online, just tap " Play" next to their name to send a match request!

Once your tap to play, you will be able to set the Match Rules:

  • Max Card Lvl: Apply a level cap to the cards used, similar to the level cap on the tour matches.
  • Tour: Arena to play the match (any Tour can be selected, even if it's currently locked!)
  • Strings: Allow the use of "All Strings" or "Only Nylon".

Keep in mind that friendly matches don't have any Entry Fee, but also do not reward gold or trophies.