Each time you win a match you will be rewarded with a bag.
Each player has 4 bag slots. If all the slots are full, you will not receive the bag reward for a victorious match. In this case, you will need to free up at least one slot by opening a bag.

What's the difference between each Bag type?

Sponsor Bag (Free Bag): You receive 2 Sponsor Bags every 4 hours.

Points Bag: You get one daily after you achieve 40 points.

Blue Bag: These take 3 hours to unlock and you maybe rewarded this if you are victorious in a match.

Grand Bag: Takes 8 hours to unlock and you can get one of these randomly from winning a match. It contains 22 cards.

Elite Bag: Takes 12 hours to unlock and contains 55 cards. You can also get these randomly after winning a match.

King Bag: Takes 14 hours to open and contains 90 cards. Similar to the other bags, you can also get this bag after winning a match.

You can also use gems to open Bags instantly without waiting for the opening time.
The bags that you purchase in the store will be opened instantly!