Equipping and upgrading your equipment cards will raise your attributes, increasing your performance in matches!

There are 7 card types:
  • Character Cards
  • Racket Cards
  • Grip Cards
  • Shoes Cards
  • Wristband Cards
  • Nutrition Cards
  • Workout Cards
Each card type will improve your attributes in a different way.
Each attribute has a specific icon, and each card will have the same icons of the attributes it focuses on to improve.

Cards are also upgradeable. Depending on the current level of the card, you will need to collect a certain amount of the same card in order to be able to upgrade it.

You can check how far you are from upgrading a card by checking the upgrade progress at the bottom of it.

Example: If you have a level 3 Reign Racket with the Upgrade Progress bar showing 12/20, this means you need 8 more Reign Racket cards to upgrade it to level 4!