This article will cover a few beginner tips on how to improve your performance in the court.

Before Finding a Match

Check your Lineup
  • Different stats benefit different play styles, and you’re going to want a Lineup that suits your unique way of playing. If you like to play close to the net, try boosting the Volley stat, for example.

Choose the player who best represents you and your style
  • Every character in Tennis Clash has their own play style. The best on the court know how to fit the character to the style and to sync the Lineup with their character's strengths.

Choose a good set of Strings that match your preferences
  • They don’t just look pretty! They are actually a great way to give you a boost in power without having to upgrade your equipment.

While Loading into the Match

Once you find your opponent, you’re going to want to check the opponent’s stats. You don’t get a lot of time to do this, but you’ll get into the habit of speedily analysing your upcoming match, and asking yourself the important questions:

  • Where are their strengths?
  • Is this player likely to hang back and try to overpower you with strong shots?
  • Do they have a strong serve?

What are their weaknesses?
  • Does the player have low agility? Focus on well placed cross court shots.
  • Does the player have a low stamina? Focus on catching all the balls and returning them safely, to tire them out until they are out of energy.
  • Do they have a weak backhand? Return most balls to their backhand instead of forehand.

During the Match

Now you’re finally on the court - how are you going to put these strategies into play?

  • Playing close to the net will make it easier to intercept diagonal and soft shots with minimal movement on the court, but will deeply compromise your ability to repel a strong shot played toward the back of the court.
  • Playing further back will allow you to take your time and respond to shots as they come, leading to a more powerful exchange - but it will be relatively easy for your opponent to have you running from one side of the court to the other in an effort to wear you out.
  • Don’t play to your opponent - if you can force them to run to return your shot, do. Characters have limited stamina, and can be worn down.
  • Alternate shots - draw them in with a soft shot, punish them with a strong.
  • Avoid being on the defensive - try to control the exchange as much as possible!

We hope these tips help you on the court and I wish you luck in the Tours to come!