Since Tennis Clash is an online multiplayer game, it is necessary to maintain a stable connection between both players and the game server. When the communication fails in one (or more) ends, it can cause the game to freeze or slow down, and actions may not be completed. This can happen even if you have a good internet service since it’s not necessarily related to disconnections. 

Generally this behavior is caused by “Lag”, which is the delay that happens since the player sends the “action” (hit the ball) to when he/she receives the “reaction” of the server (ball moving).

Why does it happen?

Imagine we have two people, Mary and John, playing a match. They have different round trip times with the server (amount of time taken by a packet of information that is sent from a player to get to the server and return to that player). If John has a shorter round trip time than Mary does, his actions will get there before and therefore the server will react before for John than for Mary. This means that one player can experience lag while others don't.

An online game needs to be maintained on a central server in order to avoid inconsistencies between individual clients (players). As such, the player has no direct control over the central game state, and can only update the local game state by receiving updates from the server. This need to communicate causes a delay between the clients and the server, and is the fundamental cause behind lag. While there may be numerous underlying reasons for why a player experiences lag, they can be summarized as insufficient hardware in the client, internet issues, or a poor connection between the client and server.

We are constantly working to check our servers and to make sure everything is working fine, so rest assured that in case of server issues we will act as fast as we can to solve it!