Suspects is a game of survival, where you are designated either as a Guest or as a Killer. If you are designated a Guest your task is to find the Killer(s) and vote them off. If you are designated as a Killer, your task is to kill all of the Guests and prevent them from completing their assigned tasks to win.

Guest Goals

Complete tasks - arrows point to the closest quest;
Prevent sabotages - Killers will try to blow up the mansion;
Report bodies and call for emergency meetings - Discuss and vote who you think the Killer(s) is (are);
Find the Killer(s) before they kill you!

Killer Goals

Kill other players - be careful not to be caught in the act;
Sabotage the mansion - manipulate Guests to specific locations, limit their vision, or even blow up the whole mansion;
Pretend - Make Guests suspicious of other Guests and co-operate with the other Killer if there is one.

How many people can play Suspects in one match?

At a time you can create a party of as little as 4 people, up to 10 people.