Guests can become a Ghost if they are killed by someone. Killers can become Ghosts if they are voted out after a meeting.

So... what can you do if you are a Ghost?

Dead Guest

Dead Guests can choose between the options below when they are killed:

- Finishing tasks as a Ghost in order to help the Guest team: Walkthrough walls to complete the tasks assigned to you. Keep in mind that Ghosts cannot stop sabotage attempts!

- Being a spectator for the rest of the match: Your character will move automatically as a Ghost and finish your tasks for you. If you prefer, you can turn off the auto-task manager to go and do the tasks by yourself.

Dead Killer

Killer Ghosts cannot kill other Guests now that they’re dead. But there’s something you can do: Sabotaging!
You can't place bombs, but you can turn off the lights to manipulate other players in the match!