Playing Suspects is all about communication!

For that, the voice chat is going to be available for you as soon as you join a room. It is represented by a box on the top right corner that will show you two important icons:

Microphone: represents your voice

Speaker: represents other players' voices

The green color indicates that they are activated and red that they are not. So if your microphone is red and sound is on, you'll be able to listen to others but they won't be able to listen to you.

Voice chat will be available while waiting in the lobby and during emergency meetings for everyone that is alive. You can mute other players by tapping on the speaker next to their characters.

Ghosts will have a separate voice chat that is available only during the match, and will be turned off during meetings.

Remember to use the communication channels appropriately. Here are some basic rules:
- Avoid loud noises/music while unmuted in the voice chat;
- Don't scream or shout while unmuted in voice chat;
- Be kind and respect other players

Check out more rules here.