Progressing in the Gold Pass is really simple! All you have to do is complete your Quests! Once you access the Gold Pass screen, you will find two different types of missions, the Daily Quests, which reset every day, and the Season Quests, which reset at the end of the season.
You can see how much time is left for the Quests to reset in the Gold Pass screen by selecting "Quests" at the top left.

Some Quests are Gold Pass exclusive, which means that only players with full access to the Gold Pass can collect the points for them. If you want to know more about how to have full access to the Gold Pass, check the article "How does the Gold Pass work?"

Remember, if you still have not purchased the Gold Pass full access, you'll still be able to collect the Free Rewards. These will have a "Free" tag right above them.

When you achieve a new reward, you get a notification right after the match. If you want to check your current Tier and see what's coming, you have to access the Gold Pass screen and tap on "Rewards" at the top left. 

We hope you like it and have lots of fun in the mansion, Suspect!