Why should I report someone?

The reporting system is there to help us keep the game fun and safe for everyone. It means that if you see any sort of offensive or abusive behavior you can let us know by reporting it.

Here are some reasons why you may want to report another player:

- Harassment
- Threat to life or well being
- Sexual content
- Hate speech
- Threat to a minor
- Cheats or hacks

How to report someone?

Once a match is over, you'll be taken to the results screen. If you want to report a player for any behavior that happened during the match, follow the instructions below:

  1. Tap the "!" button at the top of the screen;

  2. This will trigger the button"!" under all players. Then you just have to select the one under the player you wish to report;

  3. A pop-up screen will show up, where you can choose the reason for the report and fill in more information about why you are taking this action.

And it's done!

Keep in mind that reporting other players for no reason can lead to consequences for the reporter. This means that bogus reports are punishable.

Thank you for help keeping our game environment safe!