At the end of a match, you will be able to give a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to players.
This means you can classify how a player's behavior affected the match.

If they were a good team player, give them a Thumbs Up! If they were not very nice, then maybe they deserve a Thumbs Down.

How to give a Thumbs Up/Down

Follow the steps below in order to give a thumbs up or down:

1. After a match is over, tap on the thumb icon at the top of the screen;

2. This will trigger the thumb icon under all players. Then you just have to select the one under the player you wish to give a thumbs up/down;

3. A pop-up screen will show up, where you can choose the reason for the report.

And that's it!

This will help us understand which behaviors are affecting the gameplay and will allow us to take action if necessary.

Thank you for your help in maintaining the game a safe and fun place!