The Gold Pass is a seasonal feature that provides prizes as you complete quests and reach milestones in the reward track. Every new season brings different prizes!

To earn all prizes from the Gold Pass, you need to progress in the reward track. The more Quests you complete, the more points you earn, and the more you advance in the track.
Once you reach the milestones in the track you can claim the prizes!

Gold Pass holders have access to all the prizes in the track, but some of the prizes are free, so you can claim them even if you don't have the full access to the Gold Pass!

Somethings to keep in mind about the Gold Pass prizes:

- Outfits and Accessories are random. This means that when you reach a milestone that contains an Outfit or Accessory, those can be given to any character.

- Common characters are randomly unlocked, and you should never get a duplicate character.
If you already have all the common characters and you reach a milestone that contains a character, you will receive a random common skin for a random character instead.