If you come across any player that you believe is in breach of our Fair Play and Safety Policy, please report them to us.

You can report players for violations such as but not limited to:
  • Harassment
  • Hate Speech
  • Sexual Content
  • Threat of Self-harm
  • Threat to a Child
  • Inappropriate Username
  • Cheating
The fastest and most effective way to bring violations to our attention is via the in-game report system. You can find step by step instructions on how to report players in-game on our Safety Centre.

All reports are treated anonymously, so the player you are reporting will not know that you have done so.
If however, you feel the need to report the player directly to us via a Player Support ticket, you can do so by accessing the OPTIONS menu, tapping on ‘Help’ and selecting the ‘Contact us’ option.

Please note that if you opt to submit a report via this channel, we will require you to provide us with the exact name of the player you are reporting in addition to screenshot evidence of their chat or name violations. If no screenshots are provided the ticket will be automatically closed without action or response.

*IMPORTANT: Making false reports just to get someone punished can lead to a strict punishment to the reporter.