Castle Crush NFTs are more than just collectible digital art pieces, being actual playable cards that can be upgraded over time and allow players to earn income by playing matches.

The Castle Crush NFTs consist of Ascended versions of the existing 68 game cards. The Ascended cards are part of a new tier in the game - the Mythical tier - beyond the four existing ones (common, rare, epic and legendary).

• Ascended Cards are NFTs that players can FULLY own
• They function in-game and can be traded, loaned and sold to other players
• They feature unique animations, skins and higher stats (one level higher than the current cap)

If you have cards that are max level, or one level below max level - you will be able to ascend them using Ascension Crystals!

Ascended cards can also be found inside Ascended Chests and Founder Chests. Founder Chests and Ascended Chests will contain one NFT card, with different drop rates depending on rarity.

Is every NFT card the same? Or are some more special than others?

There are two types of NFTs: Ascended Cards and Founder Cards. Both of them have higher stats and unique in-game skins and animations.
Founder Cards, however, are special limited versions of our NFTs which generate significantly more Ascension Crystals ($ACS) than regular Ascended Cards.

Also, Founder Cards holders will receive additional benefits, including:

Priority minting >  You get to buy Ascended cards before other players. You can use these cards, sell them… you decide!
Voting > Be part of The Castle Crush Council - you will be able to vote on key game decisions!

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