Players will earn Ascension Crystals ($ACS) daily by obtaining Ascension Points (AP). Ascension Points are obtained by winning matches with NFT cards.

Ascended Cards will generate a fixed amount of AP each day for the first win only (using a deck with that NFT). This number will increase according to the tier of the card, the league the player is in and their clan ranking.

As players accumulate Ascension Points (AP), an $ACS prize pool for the whole server is created to be distributed to players at the end of the day. Each AP contributes 2.5 $ACS to the global daily pot, capped at 415,000 $ACS per day.

The daily pot will be distributed proportional to the number of AP accumulated by a player in a day. The distribution is done at the end of each day.

Example 1: Player A obtains 10 AP that day by winning matches with their NFTs. That same day, the server-wide AP added up to 200,00. At the end of the day, Player A receives 10 $ACS (10 / 200,000 * 200,000).

Example 2: Player A obtains 10 AP, while the server-wide AP adds up to 500,000. Player A will receive 8.3 $ACS (10 / 500,000 * 415,000 = 8.3), as the server reached the 415,000 $ACS cap.

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