A clan is a group of players that can be used to:
- talk to other players and make friends;
- discuss battle strategies;
- donate and request cards, which can help you to strengthen and develop your Deck;
- test new Decks through Friendly Battles;
- share battle replays.

Clans are unlocked as the player reaches Level 3. You can search for clans or choose one through the ranking of Top Clans. It is also possible to create your own clan, by the price of 1000 gold coins.
After set, the clan name cannot be changed. The description, minimum amount of trophies needed to join and status of clan (Open, Invite Only or Closed) can be changed after by the clan's Leader.
  • Open: anyone can join the clan as long as there are slots available.
  • Invite only: only players who were invited by clan members can join. If players try to enter without being invited, the Leader can approve or reject them.
  • Closed: no members can join the clan, which also does not appear when searched.
Clan Roles:
  • Member
  • Elder
  • Co-leader
  • Leader
In case the Leader leaves the clan without transferring the leadership to another member, the oldest member becomes Leader.