What is the Championship?

Championship is a game mode in which players compete in rounds for prizes, such as cards, gold, chests, exclusive stickers and medals! They are also placed in a different ranking called Hall of Fame.
The Championship winner is determined by the amount of points of each player. Points are earned by winning Tournaments.

There are two Tournament types: Grand Tournament and Master Tournament.
Both Tournaments will give you chests and/or cards as prizes, but you also have the chance to get an exclusive Sticker and get back all the gems you spent on the first time you played and finished the Tournament!

How does the Championship work?

When you complete a Tournament, you will receive chests or cards as rewards. You will only receive the prizes if you have won all the 10 rounds within the Tournament. If you lose one of the rounds, there's an option to keep playing from the same round by paying to Continue. Continues are charged in gems and their cost increase progressively with each round (more advanced rounds cost higher than the first ones). Once the round is lost, the Continue must be paid within 1 hour, or else you lose the chance to do so.

When you win all rounds and complete a Tournament for the first time, you will have the chance to get all the gems you spent in Continues back to your account! This will happen only for the first time you finish a Tournament.
If you decide to play the same Tournament for a second time, the prizes you'll receive will be different, and you'll not have the chance to get all gems back.

Championship Deck

All cards from the Championship Deck have preset levels, valid to all players:
Common cards - Level 9
Rare cards - Level 7
Epic cards - Level 4
Legendary cards - Level 1

It is only possible to use cards already unlocked on the regular gameplay. Additionally, all cards obtained in the Championship are added normally to the card collection, but do not alter or affect the level in the Championship Deck.