Game Modes are battle modes with special qualities that allow players to win daily prizes (such as chests and currencies) to obtain Epic and Legendary cards as weekly prizes. Daily, a Game Mode will be randomly chosen to all players.

To access the Game Modes, the Castle 4 should have been previously unlocked.

The daily prize will be given after (and only for) the first victory of the day. The type of the daily prize is the same for all players.

In the seventh day, the player may choose ⅕ Legendary card to win. The cards available to choose will belong amongst the Castles already unlocked up to the one the player is currently in. The player must gather 5 fragments of a chosen card in order to get the Legendary card.

To win the prizes of the latest day, it is mandatory to battle and win the 6 days prior. If the player skips or misses a day, the latest prizes will be crossed out and no longer be available for that week.