Payload is a 3v3 mode in which you, along with two other teammates, are tasked to either defend three convoy aeroplanes as they fly towards a base at sea or attack three convoy aeroplanes and destroy them before they reach this base.

Each game lasts 3 minutes and 20 seconds long, and every player has 4 lives. If you lose all 4 of your lives before the time has expired, you won’t be able to continue and must wait to see if your team has succeeded or not in your objective.

As a defender, you fight off the attackers with missiles and machine guns, hoping to either destroy them or give the convoy planes enough time to reach the base. Defenders win if 1 convoy aeroplane makes it to the base.

As an attacker, you shoot down these convoy aeroplanes with missiles and machine guns by destroying each of their 6 engines. Convoy planes will continue to fly until all 6 engines are destroyed. Attackers win when all 3 convoy airplanes are destroyed before the timer expires.