Enhancements are items that you can equip to your plane before you head into battle. There are currently four enhancements, and you can only bring three different types of enhancements to battle.

You can bring up to 2 of each Enhancement that you have. If you have less than 2 of a type, you’ll bring that number of Enhancements.

Types of Enhancements

Attack Up
Allows the aircraft to deal double damage during the enhancement effect (30 seconds)

Defense Up
All damage to the aircraft is reduced by half (50%) during the enhancement effect.

Repair Parts
This enhancement repairs major damage to the aircraft during combat.

Quick Fixes
This enhancement repairs minor damage to the aircraft during combat.

How to equip Enhancements

  1. After tapping battle on the home screen, tap "Enhancements" to bring up your current enhancements.
  2. Tap the enhancement you wish to equip, and tap the highlighted "Select" button to equip it:
  3. Once tapped, the "Select" button will change to "Selected", and your enhancement will appear under "Enhancements" on the bottom of your screen: