If you have not saved your progress and have lost access to it, we can help you restore it!

Just keep in mind that we can't merge the progress from two different accounts. This means that once we find your lost account, we will replace your current progress with it, and you will lose the achievements unlocked in your newest account.

If you want to recover a lost account, you need to contact us. Our automated bot is going to guide you on the information we need, and then we can surely help you get back to the skies!

When you reach out, make sure to have correctly sent us the following information about the lost account:

  • Your username (spelt exactly as it was in-game)
  • Your old Player ID, if you have saved it
  • The aircraft(s) you had already unlocked
  • The name of the Squadron you were in
  • Number of Diamonds and Coins you had
This will help us locate your account.

After that, an agent will reach you out and verify the ownership of your old account so he can proceed with the process. If the ownership is proved, then that's it!

Now you can see how to contact us by reading this article.