What are Decals?

Decals are time-limited consumables that can be placed on your Aircraft. The duration of each consumable varies depending on the placed decal.
You can place up to two decals on your Aircraft at a given time. Depending on the decal placed on your Aircraft, these can boost your Aircrafts Speed, Manoeuvrability, Firepower or Durability. Decals are transferable between aircrafts, but they must be removed from one aircraft before being placed on another.

Decal prices vary depending on the duration and tier of the Decal. These can be purchased from the "Customize" tab.

What are Paint Jobs?

Paint Jobs are permanent items that can be added on your Aircraft. You can place one single Paint Job to your Aircraft at a time. Paint Jobs boost Durability and Firepower only.
Paint Jobs are not transferable between aircraft. Once a Paint Job has been purchased for an aircraft, it will remain on its purchased aircraft.

Prices of Paint Jobs vary depending on the tier of the Paint Job and the tier of the aircraft it is being applied to. These can be purchased from the "Customize" tab.

How you equip a Decal/Paint Job?

When you purchase a Decal or Paint Job from the "Customize" tab, you will be able to apply it to your currently selected aircraft by tapping "Apply".

If you have multiple Decals (that haven't expired) or Paint Jobs (for the same aircraft), you can change these by:
  1. Going into the "Customize" tab
  2. Finding the Decal/Paint Job equipped and tap "Remove"
  3. Finding the Decal/Paint Job that you own and wish to equip and tap "Apply".

Breakdown of Decals/Paint Jobs

  • Tier 1 - 10% *designated stat increase for 3 hours
  • Tier 2 - 25% *designated stat increase for 24 hours
* Speed, Manoeuvrability, Firepower or Durability.
Paint Job
  • Tier 1 - 5% Durability& Firepower increase
  • Tier 2 - 7% Durability& Firepower increase

How do the calculations work for Decals/Paint Jobs?

For this example, we will be applying a tier 1 Paint Job. All tier 1 Paint Jobs increases Durability and Firepower by 5%.

The aircrafts Durability is currently 175 and 5% of that number is 8.75. If you were to purchase and equip this Paint Job, the aircrafts Durability will be 183.75
175 (Base Durability) + 8.75 (Tier 1 Paint Job 5%) = 183.75 (New base Durability)

The aircrafts Firepower is currently 1.77 and 5% of that number is 0.0885 (rounded up to 0.09). If you were to purchase and equip this Paint Job, the aircrafts Firepower will be 1.86
1.77 (Base Firepower) + 0.09 (Tier 1 Paint Job 5%) = 1.86 (New base Firepower)

These calcualtions can be used for Decals too.