Besides playing for honor points, Squadrons are also fighting for rewards. Squadrons can earn chests depending on their Squadrons performance in the war.

How are the rewards calculated?

The type of chests earned will be determined by the league of the Squadron and by how many XP points they scored during the war, as shown in the following table:

Players can see the progress of the war as well as the potential rewards you will earn by tapping into the war itself:

By tapping "Learn More" you'll also get more information on the rewards you might win:

Claiming rewards

Once the war is over, you'll be shown your Squadrons final score. You'll be able to see how many chest, if any, your Squadron won. If you have won any chests, you'll be able to claim and open your chests to claim your rewards.

Please note, individual Squadron members are required to claim their own rewards. If you didn't claim your rewards and they have disappeared, you'll be unable to receive those rewards for that war again.

If you joined/left a Squadron while a War is taken place, you are not eligible for any rewards. You must have contributed XP to the War, and been a member of the same Squadron for the entire war to be eligible for rewards.