Most people have different email addresses and accounts for various providers and services, and sometimes it's easy to mix up those accounts and passwords. So we have created this guide to help you understand how to sync your account and keep your game progress safe, even if you change devices.

What does it mean to sync your account?

Syncing your account is how you save your game progress. Syncing your account is the same as associating a third-party account to your game. This means that your progress in the game will be permanently linked to a provider of your choice, and you will be able to recover your game progress by logging in to that provider account.

Current options to save your account are:

  • Facebook (both Android and iOS)
  • Google Account (Android only)
  • Apple ID (iOS only)

This is the easiest way to recover your progress if you reinstall the game or change devices. So it's important to remember the correct email and password used to save your game, and never share those details with anyone!

How does syncing work?

Once you sync your game progress with a provider account (Facebook, Google Play, Apple ID), it will not be possible to desync it. You can only sync each provider account to one single game account. Therefore, if you sync your Game Account A with Provider Account 1, it will not be possible to use the same Provider Account 1 to sync Game Account B, for example.

However, it is possible to sync one game account with multiple providers. You can sync your Game Account A to Providers 1 and 2, for example. In this case, logging in with any providers will allow you to restore the same Game Account A.

Changing devices

If you change your device OS (from iOS to Android, or vice-versa), it will only be possible to recover your progress if it has been previously synced with a Facebook account. This is because Google Accounts are not supported in iOS devices, and Apple IDs are not supported in Android devices.

What should I do if I can't access my Google/Apple/Facebook account?

If you cannot access your provider account, we recommend looking at the articles linked below: