Team Play is a feature that allows players to team up and play together. In order to do that, one host must set up a room so other players can join.

How does Team Play work?

Hosting a room

  1. On the main screen, tap "Battle":

  2. From here, select the Game mode the team wishes to play:

  3. To create or join a team, tap "Invite a Pilot":

  4. Once tapped, the screen below will appear. Now tap "Generate a Team Code:

  5. A code will appear on the top of the screen and you can share with the players you wish to join you:

  6. You can also access the Team Play Chat by pressing the "speech bubble" icon, and see when players join you:                 

  7. Once all members have joined, press "Start" to commence the battle.

Joining a room

  1. After selecting the desired game mode, tap the "Invite A Pilot" button:

  2. Enter the code for your friends room in the "Enter a team code" section and press "Join a Team":

  3. If there is a room available and a place, you will join the team:

  4. The host will always be responsible for setting the game mode for the Team Play session.

Sharing a room code

  1. You can share the code by tapping the "speech bubble" and going to the chat you wish to share it:

    There is a cooldown once its shared so be sure to share it to the correct chat before sending your request.

  2. By tapping the "Share" icon, you'll be brought to a menu that will allow you to share the room code outside of Sky Warriors:

  3. Below is an example of what this may look like on your device (this will vary depending on their apps on your device):