The Workshop is your one-stop-shop for your Aircraft. The Workshop can be found within the home screen/hangar.

The Workshop is divided into three sections:
  • Aircraft
  • Upgrades
  • Customize


In the Aircraft section you can see all the Aircraft in the game. You can change your Aircraft in this section by simply scrolling to an owned Aircraft and selecting it.

  • The Gold box shows which aircraft you currently have selected
  • The Blue box shows which aircraft you also own
  • The Black box shows which aircraft you do not own


In this section, you can purchase upgrades on your current equipped Aircraft. The number next to the upgrades (in the image above, 2) indicates how many upgrades are available to you with your current Coin balance.


You can purchase Decals and Paint Jobs in the Customize tab for your current equipped Aircraft. The number beside the name of a Decal indicates how many Decals of that type you currently have in your inventory.

For more information regarding Decals and Paint Jobs, please search for the FAQ "Decals and Paint Jobs"

Aircraft Information

The right-hand side of the screen will show you:

  • The name of the Aircraft
  • The tier of the Aircraft
  • The Aircraft's max upgrade level
  • The Aircraft's archetype
    • Attacker - Focuses on Firepower
    • Balanced - Balanced between all attributes
    • Optimized - More advanced than balanced on all attributes
    • Speedster - Focuses on Speed
    • Supermaneuver - Focuses on Mobility
  • The Aircraft's current stats