PRIME is our loyalty rewards program for War Machines. It is an exclusive invitation-only initiative split into three tiers; Gold, Silver and Bronze.

These members are depicted by a Gold, Silver or Bronze Star beside their in-game name.

What are the benefits of PRIME?

The benefits of PRIME are different for each tier; a breakdown is below:
  • A dedicated PRIME VIP ambassador to answer queries*
  • An invitation to our exclusive VIP Discord channel*
  • Sneak Peaks of new features ahead of the rest of the WM community*
  • Multiple in-game rewards throughout the year
  • Weekly exclusive PRIME instore offers
* Players need to opt-in to being contacted outside of the game by Wildlife VIP ambassadors to receive these benefits.

  • A silver star to indicate they are part of PRIME
  • One exclusive PRIME instore offer each month
  • A Bronze star to indicate they are part of PRIME
  • One exclusive PRIME instore offer each Month

How can I be added?

This is an invitation-only initiative, and unfortunately, there are limited places in each tier. PRIME players are selected by several different criteria such as game sessions, participation in clan wars and game purchases. The more engaged in the game you are, the more likely you will be selected to join PRIME.

Please note we reserve the right to remove any player from the PRIME program at any time without notice if the terms of service are violated.

PRIME classes are updated in the first two weeks of each new quarter (January, April, July and October). If selected, you will receive an in-game message notifying you. Unfortunately, Player Support has no information on which players are selected, so keep your eye on your garage for any update that may appear.

I don’t want my star to be visible. Can I turn it off?

This can be done via your in-game settings. This won’t affect your status in PRIME. You’ll still be a member of your respective PRIME regardless if you have your star turned on or off.

How can I go from Bronze to Silver or Gold?

PRIME status is granted based on engagement with War Machines. The higher your engagement, the greater chance of moving to the next tier; watch your in-game messages for notification if you have moved tier.

My star is gone without me turning it off. Am I no longer in PRIME?

If your engagement with War Machines has decreased, you are in danger of lapsing from the PRIME program. You will be notified via in-game message if you have lapsed from PRIME. Don’t worry; if your engagement increases, there is always the opportunity to be added back to PRIME in the next quarter refresh. Please note previous membership of PRIME is not a guarantee to be included in future refreshes.