The Premium Club is a feature that will give you extra rewards and benefits as you purchase items within the game and raise your VIP level! Whenever you make purchases with your credit card, you receive VIP points according to the amount spent.

As you collect VIP points and increase your VIP level, you can benefit from special perks, like opening your chests and claiming upgrades faster, and also get your customizations to last longer!

All players will earn daily VIP points and can increase their VIP level with purchases. However, only subscribers will be able to take advantage from the benefits of the Premium Club feature.

Here's how it works:
- Every item you purchase will give you a certain amount of VIP points. You can check how many VIP points you will receive for each pack in the store. Look for the crown symbol in the item's description.

- For each day you login to War Machines you will receive 1 VIP point. If you are a subscriber, you will receive 5 VIP points per login.

- As you collect VIP points, you will achieve new VIP levels. You receive rewards when you level up, and the benefits will also improve! Check the Premium Club tab in your garage (crown icon) to see all perks and rewards related to your VIP level!