An unstable internet connection, server instabilities, or even high latency can make it harder to open a crate. Sometimes, when you try to unlock a chest, you may not be able to see the items that were inside (the game may be unable to load the icons, so you may see an empty screen or only a gear icon). You can also try to open a chest and get disconnected while unlocking it.

Normally, the game will be able to deliver the items to your inventory even though you didn't see the opening animation. When you tap the button to open the crate, all items are added to your inventory and all currencies are added to your total balance automatically, even if the game fails to load the item preview.

But of course, we care about peace of mind, and if you are still feeling sceptical about this, feel free to contact our support and we will gladly check the logs associated with your account to list the items that were added to your inventory for you!