If you have any issue regarding your currencies missing, please, be aware of the exact action you performed right after you've noticed the difference.

If you were exploring the store, you may have purchased an item unintentionally. Although we understand this may be an unpleasant situation, we're not able to revert in-game purchases. This is due to the fact that removing it from our end would lead to adverse effects in your account.

If the missing item refers to crates you might wanna check this article, and also, this article. If it's about customs, power-ups or ammo, you might wanna check out the articles linked accordingly!

Now, if this has happened in a different way and with different items, we kindly ask you to send us a message. Remember to include in your report your actions right before you realized the deduction, the exact day and time it happened and the item or number of currencies that is missing. To send us a message, click the chat bubble box on the top right corner.