To be able to use a power-up you own, you must equip them before entering the battle. To do so, just open the Battle menu and you will be able to see the power-up slots. You can select up to three power-ups from your inventory.

To use your power-ups during the battle, just click the icon next to the Shot button (a small triangle icon) and a small panel will display the power-ups you previously selected.

Somethings to keep in mind while using power-ups:
  • Power-ups can be separated in two different categories: the power-ups that will affect your tank (such as Penetration, Reactive Shield, Cloak, Nitro, etc), and power-ups that will deliver something (such as Airstrike, Tactical Nuke, Chopper, Supply Box, etc). The power-ups that affect your tank will be deactivated if you get killed in a battle and you will not be able to use them again after you respawn. The power-ups that deliver something will usually keep acting even if you get killed. So when you respawn during that same battle, the power-up you deployed before dying will have affected the enemies while you were waiting to respawn.
  • Each power-up has a specific deployment time before they actually take effect. The Apache, for example, will call on a helicopter attack to cover a certain area, and the helicopter will need to arrive and position itself above the enemies to shoot. So make sure you take this time into consideration when activating this power-up!
  • Some power-ups can benefit your opponents, so be careful! The Supply Box, for example, will fall from the sky on the same place you requested it. So if you move before the box drops, any other tank may be able to get it.
  • Power-ups will not keep you from getting hit or from being killed. If you have a low health bar and you activate a power-up right before an enemy shoots you, you may be defeated before the power-up is deployed. If you get killed before a power-up has enough time to deploy, the power-up will be consumed from your inventory.