Currently, matches are made according to players' ranks and there is a certain margin of difference allowed between players to keep the game competitive and challenging. The algorithm does not take into consideration the tanks, upgrades or power-ups each player owns. However, players can buy upgrades, power-ups, customs and special ammo to make tanks stronger and to cause more damage. This will not increase their level or rank, and this is why sometimes you can find it hard to defeat low-level enemies driving highly upgraded tanks.

War Machines is not only a game about strong tanks, but also a game about strategy and experience. Even though some players have higher tier tanks, they may not have the necessary skills to win a battle!

We hope that facing stronger opponents do not discourage you to keep playing the game. Even though it can still create uneven matches, we are continuously working to ensure battles are always fairly matched to keep the game fun, interesting, and enjoyable for all players.

As you can see in the image below, all players have similar ranks: