Each tank has different abilities that can be upgraded with Tech Points.

After you battle with a tank, you will get Tank Tech Points for the specific tank you used and those Points are represented by the silver star on the Tech tab. Also, after each battle, you will get Global Tech Points, which are represented by the golden star in the Tech tab. Tech points will be delivered after battles according to the League you are currently in.

Each one of the squares in a branch of the Tech Tree is a requirement to unlock a new ability for your tank. When you complete the requirement, you go to the next level. Completing all the required levels will lead you to the end of a branch in the Tech Tree to unlock an ability. The requirements do not change the tank's performance; they are only a prerequisite to unlock abilities.

To see each tank's abilities, just click on the first square of the Tree and it will show you on the right side of the screen the technology options for your tank. Click on each one of the abilities to see what will be improved when you unlock it.

Some things to keep in mind are:
  • Only one ability can be equipped during a battle.
  • Global Tech Points can be used for all tanks and Tank Tech points can only be used to upgrade specific tanks.
  • Just like regular tank upgrades, there is a waiting time to complete the technologies.
  • You can use diamonds to trade Tank Tech Points for Global Tech Points by clicking on the button Convert TP next to the points counter.
  • After unlocking new abilities, you can activate or deactivate them whenever you want.
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