You can play with your clan members by grouping up in Squads, and queueing together for battles!

One member must invite players to join his or her Squad in the Map selection screen. The Squad leader must choose between the Team Deathmatch and Conquest modes. Then, fellow clan members can join the Squad in the chat's Squad tab.

How to create a Squad?

From the Battle screen:
1. Click Battle in your Garage;
2. In the Battle screen, select the tabe "Squad";
3. Select between the battle modes available and tap on "Invite Players".

From the Chat screen:
1. Open the Chat and select the tab "Clan";
2. On the top of the chat window you'll see a button to create a Squad. Click "Create".
3. You'll be taken to the Battle screen to select the desired battle mode.

Once the members are ready, the Squad leader must tap on Battle to start the battle with the fellow clan mates playing in the same team.

How to join a Squad?

To join a Squad created by a friend, you must be part of the same clan. Once the Squad is created, just tap on the invite sent to the Clan Chat to join!

How to leave a Squad?

From your Garage, click on Battle then tap on "Leave Squad"on the bottom of the screen. You can also click on the Squad invite within the clan chat window to be taken to the Battle screen.

Please note , that after each battle the squad will reset and you'll need to create and join a new squad again.