The Tier Challenge is a game mode that brings more competition between the players! 

Here's how it works: It's required a number of wins for each Tier so you can win the Challenge Medal and progress to the next level. When your Defeat bar fills up, you must restart from the beginning and pay the fee to enter it again. Three defeats will cause you to lose the Challenge, and you must win at least 8 battles to complete it!

When you successfully complete a Tier Challenge, the next Tier Challenge will be unlocked. To participate in the Challenges, you must equip a tank of the same tier. So if you want to enter the Tier 2 Challenge for example, you'll need a Tier 2 Tank. If you enter a Tier 2 challenge, you'll only compete against other Tier 2 tanks, regardless of player level and rank.

When you participate in a Challenge, the first entry is free. If you lose the Challenge or if you want to play it again, the next entry will cost diamonds, and the price will increase after each time you enter.

Winning the Tier Challenges will give you Medals, which are displayed in your profile. The Medals can be used to unlock new and more powerful tanks!