We are constantly working to prevent chat spam within our communication channels, and we have implemented features to prevent players from sharing any potentially harmful content. However, you may still find messages that somehow avoided our filters.

War Machines does not support any advertisements, website links, surveys or app mentions in chat messages that are not officially related to War Machines in any way. Also, War Machines officially does not believe that the player's only communication channel is an appropriate place to make any advertisements.

The official War Machines statement is: No adverts, links or promotions mentioned in any of the chat channels are official, therefore, they cannot and should not be trusted.

Whenever there is a special offer or promo going on, we will never promote it by sending chat messages. You can see all offers and promotions currently available within the game store, in your own garage, or by clicking specific pop-up messages.

If you suspect of any messages, advertisements, links for surveys, apps or websites, please feel free to report them. You can do it by clicking the name of the player who posted the message, then clicking the "Report" button on the bottom of the profile page.

Please notice that reported players will not be banned right away, but if enough players report the same suspicious messages or offensive content, there is a chance the offenders can automatically be suspended from the game and/or from the chat channels. So make sure you report only relevant messages directly related to the reason that caused your suspicion, or the exact message that is being spammed, and select the correct report category.

If you wish to mute an specific player, you can also access the player's profile, click on " Report" and select " Mute". This will prevent you from seeing messages posted by that specific user during the selected time period.

Keep in mind that fake reports can lead to consequences to the reporters.

If you have any other questions about this matter, please contact our support.