The chat may become unavailable when there is an instability in our server, or due to connectivity issues. Please try the following steps and check if the issue gets any better:
  1. Reopen the game;
  2. Restart your connection;
  3. Restart your device.

Keep in mind that the game may have a slower performance right after updates. So if you have recently updated your game, try to play for a couple of days and check if the problem persists.

How can I report a player is using offensive language in chat?

The official channel to report inappropriate language and abusive behavior is through the red exclamation button inside the player's profile.

Just go to the abusive player’s profile and tap on the red exclamation square at the bottom right, then scroll the options to select the correct category. The category must be selected according to the message content.

Keep in mind that the reporting tool must be used only to report relevant messages and behaviors, and fake reports may lead to consequences for the reporter.