We give all players the opportunity and freedom to choose their usernames and clan names when they create their account and provide a free username change.

However, some players have set up inappropriate names, leading us to closely moderate them.
That said, we reserve the right to change players' username and clan name without prior notice when we consider the name inappropriate.

So, if you ever see a player using an abusive username, you can report them through the red exclamation button inside the player's profile.

Just go to the abusive player’s profile and tap on the red exclamation square at the bottom right, then scroll the options to select the correct category. The category must be selected according to the message content.

If you are unable to report the name in this manner, we kindly ask you to contact Player Support by sending the abusive name and, if possible, a screenshot so we can take action.

We are also constantly working to prevent this from happening and make sure that we have a clean and nice environment to our game.