What should be reported?

You should report an  inappropriate message as soon as you see it. This will help us keep the environment safe and fun for everyone.
You should report any message that is  defamatoryobscenepornographicvulgar or  offensivepromotes discriminationbigotryracismhatredharassment or  harm against any individual or group; is  violent or  threatening or  promotes violence or actions that are threatening to any person or entity; or  promotes illegal or harmful activities or substances.

When you tap on the report icon, you will see categories of abuse that you must choose from. The message you wish to report must be related to at least one of the categories.

What should NOT be reported?

Only inappropriate language and behavior should be reported. Bogus or false reports will be voided and actions will be taken against the reporter.

The report system exists to provide a safe and healthy environment, and  must be used only to report abuses and offenses within the game. Reporting incorrectly hinders the community and fosters an inimical relationship between players.

Hence,  do not report players who are not using abusive and/or offensive language, spamming, bullying, or that are not showing any sort of disrespectful or discriminative behavior.