I need help!

We try to answer and help our players by making most of the game information updated and available in our FAQ articles. Our database is written by our specialists and it covers the most commonly asked questions and issues. We kindly ask you to take a look at the Help Center and search for the keywords or categories related to your question before contacting our Support.

In-Game Support

If our FAQ does not include an answer to your question, or if you want to report a problem with the game, you can contact our Player Support by clicking on the Chat icon (Android version)/ Contact Us button (iOS version) inside our FAQ articles.
The in-game support will take you to an answer bot, which will collect information about your game account and profile, and then open a ticket. If necessary, our team will contact you for a follow-up. You can also use our in-game support for making suggestions and give our developers feedback!

My game is closing on it's own!

If you are unable to open the game and access the in-game support, please check the article "My game keeps closing by itself" for troubleshooting assistance.
Just access the link below, select the game on the top bar and search for the keywords or categories related to the problem:

If you have any GDPR or COPPA related questions, you can reach out to us using this Contact Form. All regular inquiries need to be sent using the method described in the "In-Game Support" section above.

* Keep in mind that you will only receive an answer through the Contact Form for the following cases:
- GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation);
- COPPA ( Children's Online Privacy Protection Act).