A lot of the time, undelivered in-game purchases are simply delivered at a later time. This may happen due to connectivity issues or instabilities. When you purchase something from the game store, the game will deduct the currencies and inform the server of the transaction. If the game is not able to communicate with the server, or if the communication is unstable/intermittent, the server will not receive the purchase request. However, when the game reconnects, the server will verify that currencies were deducted and no purchase was registered, so it will give you the currencies back.

You can force the communication between your device and the servers by following the steps below:
  • Close the game.
  • Restart your network connection.
  • Restart your device.
Then, reopen the game and check if the purchase was received.

If after doing this your purchase is still not completed, click the chat bubble icon and give us the following information:
  • What item was purchases
  • The date that the transaction occurred
  • A screenshot of your receipt of your purchase
With these, we can help you out as quick as possible.