There are three subscription options you can choose from: weekly, monthly, and yearly.

All three subscriptions offer the same perks, but renew after a different period of time. The weekly subscription renews every seven days, the monthly every thirty days, and the yearly every 365 days.

Please note that subscriptions are automatically renewed by the app store and that you can easily cancel them right from your device.

How to change your subscription frequency

If you are using an Apple (iOS) device and would like to change your subscription, please go through the following steps:
  1. Open Settings in your device;
  2. Tap iTunes & App Store;
  3. Tap Apple ID: (your email address);
  4. Tap View Apple ID;
  5. Under Subscriptions, tap Manage;
  6. Tap War Machines;
  7. Select the subscription you want to change it to.
The new subscription will take effect and be charged accordingly after the current period ends.

If you are on a Google (Android) device, please cancel your current subscription and subscribe to the desired one!