Linking your Bike Race account with Facebook will allow you to earn achievements necessary to unlock bikes and levels!
Furthermore, logging in with Facebook will automatically save your game progress! In case you lose your device or accidentally delete the app, you will be able to recover your previous account by simply logging in with Facebook again!

Linking Bike Race with Facebook will also allow you to play on multiple devices with the same Bike Race account!

Please make sure you link your Facebook account both on Multiplayer and Tournaments to save each mode's progress.

How can I save my progress?

If you have already unlocked the Multiplayer mode, you can log in with Facebook by tapping on "Log In to Facebook" on the Multiplayer screen.

If your Multiplayer is still locked, please enable Video Recording in Settings, finish any Single Player level, and tap on Watch Replay. Then, tap on the Facebook logo, log in to Facebook, and select Continue as (your name). After that, you can choose to Post the Replay on your profile or "Not Now".
Please note that this will only link your Multiplayer account to Facebook. It is also necessary to link your Tournament account to keep it safe.

To link Tournaments to your Facebook profile, open the Tournaments menu, tap on Level, and click on "Link to Facebook".

If you need help to restore your account, feel free to contact our support!