There are several things that will influence the game's performance, such as the available storage you have on your device as well as the video recording feature on Settings. To ensure the app runs smoothly, please:

1. Update the game to its newest version. Check Google Play Store or Apple App Store to make sure you have the latest version installed.

2. Close the apps on the background. Other apps working at the same time can use too much of your device's memory and this can affect the game performance.

3. Restart your device. Turning your device Off and On again can also help fixing connection issues.

4. Update your device to its newest OS version. Make sure your device's operating system is updated, and that the OS version is compatible with the game's requirements.

5. Turn Off the Video Recording option in the game's Settings.

6. Make sure there is plenty of available memory in the device. Some devices suffer from a low-memory issue and most perform poorly once they hit around 80% of their storage capacity. You can try to backup ALL your data and make a factory reset, or just delete everything you don’t need, like apps, files, images and videos.

7. Also, ensure that you have a strong and stable internet connection while playing the game.